Fracture dislocation elbow

Fracture dislocation elbow
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He Lied

He Lied
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On futile gestures

It's all going to pot. Cutbacks (cost improvement programmes, lean efficiency measures, the euphemisms are endless) mean a cut in the quality of service. But not the quantity of service, noooo, we function on the Lidl Marketing strategy: pile em high, sell em cheap. Our door never closes.
Today's bombshell: senior staff are more expensive than school leavers. Wow. Wonder why that is because experience counts for nothing in today's NHS. So, wizard wheeze, sack 20% of your senior nursing work force, employ numpties and Carry On Regardless

That strategy couldn't possibly have a down side, could it.

And of course, we now function in a Foundation State (ex-Libyan leaders welcomed) with the footsoldiers too scared to speak else they are suddenly invited to reapply for their own job.

For the first time in the history of the NHS, the hospital doctors' jobs aren't safe. Merge to grow - and rationalise. We've lost our voice

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