Fracture dislocation elbow

Fracture dislocation elbow
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He Lied

He Lied
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On the importance of perspective

Holidays... A vital necessity. I thought I'd been so smart, booking leave for every single half term for 2 years straight; then realised far too late how loooonng the summer holidays are. By the time it occurred to me (May) that I really should plan something, August had already been comprehensively diced and sliced by my colleagues' ever more super-organised wives.


But sneaking a couple of days off ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend has meant I've been able to get on a plane, baste on a beach and let the mounting frustrations of the past few weeks melt away like the ice in my cosmopolitans for five glorious days... so first day back I've adopted a zen-like calm which has freaked out everyone in theatres (I've been particularly toxic of late, but today, untrained newbies, of which there seems to be an inexhaustible supply, lack of professionalism and the gay abandon with which hundreds of pounds' worth of implants seem to be dropped on the floor, just washed over me in my protective bubble of holiday euphoria)

How long can this last ... ?! Just have to hang in there till half term ...

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